Show your rabbit that you care

From A to Z, everything you need to know


Caring for your pet rabbit can be challenging. To simplify things, we have compiled some very helpful information about basic care, medical issues, spaying and neutering, and finding the right rabbit for you.



Here is some great information to help you care for your rabbit

Basic Rabbit Care

Learn about daily care and building a safe, loving environment for your bun.

Choosing a Rabbit

Rabbits can be very different. Find the right rabbit for your home.

CBD for Rabbits

CBD products have many uses. Find out more about CBD for rabbits.

Emotional Support

Rabbits are great companions and can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.


Here are some great medical resources to keep your bun happy and healthy

Medical Information

Our Rabbit information guide to help you learn what to watch out for and what to do in case your bunny is in distress or having a health issue.

RWAF Rabbit Medical

Clear and concise information about rabbit health, medicine, and treatment. Their information is checked by UK veterinary experts.

First Aid Guide

Written by ‘The Educated Rabbit’, this rabbit first aid guide may help you during those times when your rabbit needs immediate help.

Owning a Rabbit is a Responsibility

With getting ANY animal this should always be thought through completely and never a spur of the moment decision. You are dealing with another life that requires consistency and not to be passed around. Rabbits need to have ONE owner. All aspects of having this pet should be thought through, researched, and budgeted out.