Rabbit Savior and Dr. Kanfer are teaming up to bring you Kanfer’s Korner: a Q&A style blog covering all topics of rabbit care.

Dr. Kanfer is a well-known exotic veterinarian in Southern California with extensive medical knowledge in rabbits. She will join us bi-weekly to answer your questions on specific topics. For example, one week Dr. Kanfer will cover the topic of Liver Lobe Torsion, the next week will be questions about diet. Our hope is to provide the rabbit community with accurate, up-to-date information about rabbit care that can be shared on social media from a reliable source. Click here to Visit Their Website and Learn More About Their Staff.

Rabbit Related Topics

RHDV2 • Husbandry (diet, housing, grooming) • The Anorexic Rabbit: Is My Rabbit Bloated? • Liver Lobe Torsion • Bladder Sludge & Stones • Heart Disease • Kidney Disease • Arthritis & Care of Paralyzed Rabbits • Dental Problems: Malocclusion & Jaw Abscesses • Respiratory Diseases • Cancer • Megacolon


Kanfer’s Answers: Heart Disease

Heart disease is as serious for rabbits as it is for humans. Dr. Kanfer answers your questions! Read the post to learn more.


Kanfer’s Answers: RHDV2

The first set of questions on the topic of RHDV2 have been answered by Dr. Kanfer! Read the post to learn more.


Kanfer’s Answers: Liver Lobe Torsion

Dr. Kanfer answers questions about Liver Lobe Torsion in rabbits.


Kanfer’s Answers: Husbandry

Dr. Kanfer answers your questions about diet, housing, and grooming. “How can I get my rabbit to drink more water?“ Find out now!


Kanfer’s Answers: Bloat

Bloat is a dangerous, life threatening condition in rabbits. Learn more about what you can do to help your rabbit if they become bloated, with advice from Dr. Kanfer.


Kanfer’s Answers: Bladder Sludge and Stones

Dr. Kanfer answers your questions about bladder issues.