Bun Bill Assistance

Protect your bun with this ‘first of its kind’ program with crowd funding, pharmacy discounts, and help with expensive veterinarian bills.

It’s Simple: Visit any vet • Send us your bill • We’ll pay our ‘Assistance’ amount

I’m so happy Rabbit Savior exists, they have everything you need to help you be the best bunny parent to your fur babies. I recently had to bring my bunny to the emergency and they covered almost half of my vet bill! Not only that, they are an amazing resource for accurate up-to-date rabbit information and all kinds of other bunny related bill assistance and discounts.

– Sofia B.

Jonathan and Rabbitsavior made absolutely sure that I was able to get ALL of my rabbits needs met (four separate surgical sites between the two rabbits). I cannot express enough the love, compassion, and help that we received. I would, and do, highly recommend Rabbitsavior to anyone that cares for these wonderful animals. Thank you again Jonathan, and everyone with Rabbitsavior 💓 we really couldn’t have done this without you.

– Robert P.

Comprehensive Rabbit assistance

If you have pet insurance, BUN BILL™ ASSISTANCE is the perfect companion. It is a hybrid program that will cover the listed amount not covered by your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, BUN BILL™ ASSISTANCE will cover the listed amount for exams, treatments, or procedures. The Rabbit Savior Bun Bill™ Assistance provides assistance with veterinary costs, emergencies, vaccines, spay/neuter, accidents, injuries, illness, testing & diagnostics, holistic care, and preventative measures.

Transparent Treatment

The treatments and procedures that are included are clearly listed with the exact payment amounts clearly defined. No mystery, no confusion.

Testing & diagnostics

Our Medical Bill Assistance includes wellness checks, sick visits, hospitalization, surgical procedures, spay/neuter, ultrasound/X-ray/CT scans, allergy treatment, parasite treatment, and cancer care.

Veterinarian Visit Fees

In-network vets are paid directly and out-of-network vet bills are reimbursed to the member. Our rabbit assistance pays out for most exams, treatments & procedures.

Enhanced Insurance

Pays in conjunction with your insurance. If you already have insurance, the program will pay any amount on top of your insurance including your deductible.

How Our Program Works

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE: Bun Bill™ Assistance provides coverage up to a limited amount for most exams, procedures, or treatments. It can be used alongside any existing insurance you may have. The process is fully transparent. We provide members with a clear list of covered items and the corresponding payment amounts.

Select a tier program that fits your financial needs.

  • TIER 1 – Lowest cost per rabbit with lower vet bill assistance per exam, procedure, and treatment

  • TIER 2 – Mid-priced cost per rabbit with slightly higher monthly and higher veterinarian bill assistance

  • TIER 3 – higher monthly cost per rabbit, but the highest vet bill assistance and annual maximum payout

How Rabbit Savior’s complete care program pays out its claims

Our members will have the option to enroll in our Passport banking service. Once approved, your Passport account can be used just like a regular banking account. When you submit a claim through your membership portal, we will deposit the specified claim amount into your Passport account based on your tier program. You can then use the Rabbit Savior Visa card to pay for your veterinary services. 

Click here for more detailed information on Passport and how it works.

Protect your pet today

Select a tier, apply, submit and pay and you’re covered! Coverage starts 30 days from the initial payment.

Rabbit Savior Uses

The Unified Banking Powerhouse


Rabbit Savior and Priority Passport have teamed up to offer our Bun Bill Assistance members a unified commerce streamlined banking service. This is the industries’ only native payment/banking platform. Passport provides a safe, secure, scalable and an easy way to manage financial transactions involving payment transfers with methods such as card, ACH, check and wires.

The Passport account system allows Rabbit Savior to transfer our member’s funds directly to their Passport account. We have co-branded with Visa card services to have our Rabbit Savior logo on the card. The Passport account would be used for paying out claims and Fund My Bun donations. The Visa card can be used worldwide with a unique pin code created by the user.

The Passport account cannot only be used with our services, it can be used for purchases online in place of a saved credit card, as well as in place of online banking, and can replace an “in branch” banking account and ATM. This system was designed to protect the consumer from fraud and to prevent identity and monetary theft, which can be done through other systems that save credit card information. Passport is also FDIC insured with all accounts under the nationwide money transmission licensing. This is the new future of online banking.

Visit the Passport website to learn more

Passport is a highly rated Nasdaq company

Good to know…

Here are a few important FAQs about Rabbit Savior BUN BILL™ ASSISTANCE. If you still have questions, you can contact us.

How many times can I submit a claim?

Each service tier program you can make 3 claims per year

1.Wellness Services = 3 claims per year

2. Emergency & Diagnostic services = 3 claims per year

3. Minor & Major medical services = 3 claims per year

If you do not exhaust all your claims on each service, the claims left over can be carried over to the next calendar year. If you go over your claims made per year, please contact us to make special arrangements on any additional needed claims per service to have extended.

Why is there not a lot of coverage for rabbits?

There is a limited amount of coverage for Rabbits and other exotic animals due to the lack of Veterinarians and insurance companies that will cover rabbits.  Nationwide insurance has a coverage plan for exotics. You can go to their website for more details. 

Do you want coverage but unsure what to do?

Give us a call and we can walk you through each of our tier programs to make sure one plan fits your needs. Contact us at

How do I submit a claim?

Log in and upload your vet bill (paid or unpaid). We will call the vet to verify once we get your claim and will issue payment to you or your vet within 72hrs of your submitted claim.

What is covered in your plans?

We cover pre-existing conditions and any age of the rabbit. Please see above for more details on what is covered with each of our tier programs we offer under the full complete care program. If you still need more information, please contact us.

How are claims paid out?

Rabbit Savior utilizes the Passport banking service. All members receive a Passport account with a co-branded Visa card linked to it. Claims are processed and paid out within 48 hours after submission through each member’s account. The credited amount will correspond to the coverage specified by your tier program. For more details about our payout system, please refer to the information provided above.