There is a strong connection between Rabbit Savior and veterinarian clinics. Our mission revolves around promoting the well-being of rabbits, which includes facilitating access to professional rabbit care and services. Our business involves connecting clients with veterinarians in times of need, contributing to funding for rabbit care, and offering financial services to make proper care more affordable for a wider audience.

Our Bun Bill Assistance program, Netevia banking system, and V.E.T.S and P.E.T.S. networks are all designed to collaborate and enhance the relationship between clients and clinics.

We have several programs and networks that work together to enhance the relationship between clients and clinics:
    • Our Vet & Rescue Directory: Helps clients find rabbit-friendly vets, clinics, and rescues.
    • The Bun Bill Assistance Program: Assists our members in paying for medical care.
    • FundMyBun Crowdsourcing: Helps individuals who are overwhelmed by unexpected treatments and services by providing financial support.
    • V.E.T. and the Netevia banking system: Improve cash flow and finances.
    • RS Pet Pay: Offers on-demand loans to cover emergencies and surprises (Coming Soon).

Commerce suite

A complete, unified suite for payment processing, payables, and more

Lending on demand

Allow your customers to apply and receive credit for services

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Banking platform

A fully secure system for payment transfers through cards, ACH, etc.

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