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Welcome to Rabbit Savior, a community dedicated to improving the lives of rabbits and rabbit owners. With our nonprofit 501(c)3 platform, we support BunParents and Rescues. When you become a member or make a purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards local rescues. Additionally, 100% of all donations are directed to rescues and rabbit owners in need. Help us make a difference by donating here and providing crucial funding to rabbit rescues and shelters.


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Help save vulnerable rabbits


Donate directly to rabbits in need

Crowd fund with 'Fund My Bun™'

That’s right! We have our own crowd funding program exclusively for Rabbit Savior members. If any of our members run into financial hardships related to vet care, we offer Fund My Bun crowd funding. The funds are paid directly to the vet or hospital so you can rest assured that your donation is directly helping a rabbit regain its health and well being.

Volunteer at Your Local Rescue

Rabbit rescues are always in need of volunteers. If you’re drawn to help these wonderful creatures, click the link below find out how you can make a difference by volunteering at a rescue in your area.

Where do donations and program dues go?

A portion of our donations and dues goes towards funding our mission of saving rabbits. We have three main areas of focus: covering the medical expenses of our members, providing donations to rabbit rescues, and facilitating connections between volunteers, fosters, and businesses. By combining dues with donations, we can assist our members with veterinary bills. Through our crowd-sourced Fund My Bun™ program, we can also address major financial issues. Additionally, by actively seeking individual and corporate donors, we are able to make substantial contributions to rescues. All of these efforts help us build a network that connects rabbit-loving volunteers, fosters, and businesses for the benefit of all involved. Join us in our mission to help rabbits!


As we grow, the benefits grow!

Together we can make the rabbit community greener than ever!