Finding knowledgeable, experienced vets, emergency hospitals, and rescues is critical for the long-term health of your bun. We’ve created this directory to connect great service providers with consumers and rabbit lovers throughout the United States and Canada.

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⚠️ Important Note: Not all veterinarian clinics or exotic veterinarians listed here have experience or expertise in treating rabbits. Clinics listed as exotic veterinarian clinics do not necessarily always treat rabbits. Please double-check the details on the clinic’s website or contact the veterinarian directly to verify if they provide services for rabbits.

HOW TO USE THE MAP: Enter your zip code to zoom in on your location. Click on the map pins to see the names, locations, contact info, and websites for vets in your area. On the left-hand panel, click on SERVICES and select Emergency, Exotic, Rescue or Veterinary to filter between clinics that offer those services. CAN’T FIND YOUR VET? Click here to add your veterinarian clinic to our database.

How to Choose a Rabbit-Experienced Vet

The time to find a veterinarian is now, not when your rabbit is sick and you are forced to take what you can get. A good place to start in finding your rabbit’s veterinarian is to ask for recommendations from pet shop personnel, other rabbit owners and rabbit special interest groups. Then move on to interviewing the veterinarians. The secret here is not to ask “Do you see rabbits?” but, rather, “Who in town should I take my rabbit to?” If the vet volunteers “We see rabbits,” jot down his or her name. Take the time to call around in a radius from your home that you feel would be close enough to take your rabbit in case of a problem. Select two or three and call for an appointment to meet them. Most hospitals charge for an office visit, but some waive the fee for a quick non-medical consultation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You need to have a way to discern his or her level of knowledge and experience with rabbits and, just as important, your ability to communicate with each other. A good rabbit veterinarian will have a working knowledge of rabbit anatomy and physiology, nutrition and the common diseases and syndromes of rabbits. Rabbits should make up a sizable part of the vet’s practice. Unless you find a specialty practice, it is unlikely that rabbits will make up a significant portion of the patients, but 10 percent would be an acceptable minimum.

For more information about choosing a rabbit-experienced vet, please visit: San Diego HRS




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