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Let’s help build a better network for the rabbit community, it starts with us!

We are creating this Resource Directory in order to bridge the gap between bun parents, bunny businesses, shelters and vets and to have a backend communication tool to help each other solve problems together. If we connect and understand each other better, the entire rabbit community will improve – that is Rabbit Savior’s goal.

Our monthly, up-to-date, resource directory will give the rabbit community the ability to look up anything they need from where to buy rabbit toys, to the nearest shelters and rescues to exotic vets and 24 hour emergency clinics. All of your rabbit needs will be in one place!!

Do you sell treats, toys, other rabbit accessories? Are you a nurse or doctor at an exotics clinic? Do you run a rabbit rescue? We want to list you! Please click the categories below to sign up.

Click on our vet clinic PDF to learn more about Rabbit Savior’s synnergy with vets and clinics. Are you a vet, shelter, rescue, or rabbit related business? Click below

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Bunny Treats

Bunny Accessories

Rabbit Themed Items

Bonding Services

And More

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Rabbit Rescue Facilities

Humane Societies

Foster-Based Rescues

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Exotic Veterinarian Clinics

24 Hour Emergency Vets

Specialty Facilities

“Let’s change and pave the way for the bun parents!”

Along with being listed in our Directory for users to discover you, our Bunny Chat Concierge service allows our agents to connect users from all over the world directly to you. For example, if someone is in need of a 24-hour emergency vet in San Diego, California, our Agents will search the map and provide the information to the nearest relevant location.

Are you interested in being listed in our directory but do not fit in the above categories? That is ok, submit your inquiry below, and we will see where your services fit! Do you know of a vet, business, or rescue/shelter you want to refer to us?

Please email info@rabbitsavior.com or click the button below to send details.

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