Ellen Wring

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Thumper’s Megacolon Treatment

Thumper, my beloved rabbit, has been diagnosed with a chronic condition known as megacolon. This condition is still under investigation, requiring further diagnostic tests to understand it better and identify the most effective treatment strategies. Unfortunately, we have reached the limit of our current insurance coverage and need financial support until it renews.

The anticipated specialist tests are expected to cost several hundred pounds. These tests are critical in determining the best course of action for managing Thumper’s condition and improving her quality of life. In addition to the cost of these tests, there will also be expenses associated with potential treatment plans and follow-up appointments.

Thumper isn’t just a pet; she’s an integral part of our family. As my first bunny, she has a special place in my heart. She has been battling with gastrointestinal problems for a considerable amount of time, and we’ve both worked hard to get to where we are now.

Recently, Thumper had an episode of gut stasis, a severe condition that almost took her life. It was a terrifying experience, one that highlighted the urgency of her situation. Thumper’s resilience and fight during that crisis were inspiring. She has been granted another chance, but to prevent further gut stasis episodes, we need to ensure her treatment is prompt and comprehensive.

With your support, we can give Thumper the medical attention she needs, helping her lead a long, comfortable, and happy life.


Donations: $300
Goal: $950