Princess Peach & Mario Family

THE Rabbit Resource

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Help For Princess Peach and Mario Family

Greetings, we are THE Rabbit Resource, a dedicated nonprofit organization located in New York, whose primary focus lies in rescuing rabbits and ensuring their well-being. Our recent rescue operation led us to Princess Peach and her adorable baby clan. Unfortunate circumstances led to these innocent creatures being abandoned and dumped, leaving them in desperate need of care and protection.

In our efforts to provide them with the nurturing environment they deserve, we’re currently organizing a fundraising event. The goal of this event is to raise enough funds to cover the costs of medical procedures such as spaying and neutering for Princess Peach and her clan. This will ensure they are healthy and prevent the overpopulation issue that often plagues rabbits.

Beyond this particular rescue, THE Rabbit Resource is steadfast in its mission to protect rabbits at large. Our organization runs on the selfless contributions of our volunteers, who invest their time and effort into making a difference in the lives of these rabbits. Our project, while volunteer-based, is a vital lifeline for these creatures, offering them a chance at a better life.


Donations: $50
Goal: $1,000