Karli Soraruf

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Pumpkin’s Dental Surgery Journey

Hello everyone, my name is Karli and I find myself here today, reaching out for your support on behalf of my beloved friend, Pumpkin. Little Pumpkin has had a tough life. She was heartlessly abandoned outside, left to fend for herself in a harsh world. When I found her, she was in a pitiful state of health, barely clinging to life. Despite the odds, she has shown remarkable resilience and has come a long way since then.

Unfortunately, Pumpkin’s health journey is not yet over. She has developed a severe dental disease that has led to painful abscesses. She has already endured two surgeries, which included tooth extraction and the draining of the abscesses. Her recovery is ongoing and she will require further treatment, including regular check-ups and a course of antibiotics, to fully heal and regain her strength.

I am humbly asking for your help to cover the cost of Pumpkin’s medical care. Even the smallest donation could make a significant difference in providing Pumpkin with the care she needs to live a comfortable, healthy life. Pumpkin has touched my life in so many ways. She has been a ray of hope and a source of immense comfort in my darkest days, and I wish to do everything in my power to give her the same comfort and care.

I discovered Pumpkin during a particularly challenging phase of my life. She was lonely, abandoned, and unfamiliar with the feeling of being loved by a human. I brought her home, determined to show her a life filled with warmth and affection, a life she truly deserved. Pumpkin has returned this affection in spades, showering me with unconditional love. She is gentle, kind, curious, silly, and playful. Her presence has added so much joy and laughter to my life, making her the perfect companion.

Pumpkin means the world to me, and I am committed to ensuring she receives the quality care she needs to live her best life. I am forever grateful for your support and generosity. It is my heartfelt thank you to everyone who chooses to be a part of Pumpkin’s journey to recovery and a better life.


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Donations: $185
Goal: $2,000