Jennifer Rogers-West

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Help for Bunjelica’s Osteomyelitis Treatment

I’m Jenn, the human companion of Bunjelica West, also known as the Diva Bunny. I am currently fundraising to support her ongoing treatment for Osteomyelitis, which includes covering the costs of her post-operative medications and necessary supplements.

Bunjelica is a cherished member of a fluffle that includes her littermate and twin, Bunjolina, as well as Bunjamin and Weiner. They have been a vital part of my life, especially during a very traumatic last year in which I have struggled with PTSD and depression. My rabbits are my daily motivation and the reason I get out of bed each morning. Without their presence, I truly would feel lost.

Unfortunately, in Ohio, where I reside, veterinarians require payments to be made upfront or in full on the day of service. This creates a significant challenge for me. I am determined to ensure that Bunjelica receives immediate medical attention as soon as the necessary funds are raised. My goal is to secure all the required funds by the end of July or sooner, as she is currently suffering from continuous pus discharge and pain. Your support can make a significant difference in her treatment and recovery.

Donations: $1,050
Goal: $1,000