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Pebbles’ Emergency Vet Visit & Long Term Care: A Journey of Love, Care, and Hope

Pebbles, my little darling, has always been a delicate girl. Her health has been a constant cause of concern due to her frequent bouts with a condition known as Gastrointestinal (GI) stasis, a common but potentially life-threatening condition in rabbits. As time has passed and she has gracefully grown older, these episodes of GI stasis have unfortunately become more frequent, occurring once every 2-3 months.

GI stasis in rabbits can be deadly if not treated promptly and effectively. It’s a condition that necessitates immediate intervention, and, as her caretaker, I have always been vigilant about her healthcare needs. In early December, I noticed that Pebbles was not eating her usual meals, a possible sign of another GI stasis episode. I immediately started at-home intervention to alleviate her discomfort, and within an hour or so, my little fighter, Pebbles, was back to her playful self.

However, the relief was short-lived. Not even 48 hours later, Pebbles was once again refusing to eat. Despite my best efforts at home, her condition seemed to be declining. I decided to take her to the emergency vet, as her situation was becoming increasingly grave. This emergency visit culminated in approximately two days of in-patient hospital care.

Just before the holiday season, we visited her regular vet, who recommended a series of diagnostic tests to try and determine the cause of her frequent GI stasis episodes. The need for these tests became more apparent when, between her first serious episode in December and her diagnostic procedure in mid-January, Pebbles had four more stasis episodes.

My hope is that these tests will provide some insight into what is causing her discomfort and guide us towards a suitable treatment plan, which may include surgery, medication, or a combination of both.

Pebbles is more than just a pet to me. She brings immense joy into my life and is easily one of the best things that has ever happened to me. As my best friend and emotional support animal, she has always been there for me in times of distress. Whenever I’m feeling upset or anxious, I know I can spend time with her, and her presence alone brings instant comfort.

Seeing her sick and in pain has been heart-wrenching. I am determined to do anything and everything within my power to help her attain a more stable health status, free from the frequent stasis episodes. With each episode, I fear I might lose her, and it feels like every day is a toss-up now given her worsening condition.

However, I remain hopeful. I am optimistic that with the right combination of diagnostic testing, treatment, and veterinary care, Pebbles can overcome this hurdle and regain her vitality. She deserves a life of comfort and stability, and I’ll stop at nothing to ensure she gets that.


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