Rebecca Morris

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Pierogi Needs Your Support in His Battle Against Neurological Issues

Our beloved Pierogi urgently requires a CT scan to diagnose and address his neurological issues. For those who may not be aware, Pierogi is a cherished member of our family who was adopted eight years ago. Unfortunately, shortly after his adoption, he began to suffer from ongoing dental problems. These dental issues, being pre-existing, made him ineligible for pet insurance coverage right from the outset. Consequently, the financial burden of his care has been solely shouldered by us, his devoted bunny parents.

As Pierogi has gracefully aged, his dental surgeries and necessary medications have inevitably increased, both in frequency and cost. In addition to his dental troubles, our dear Pierogi requires support for his worsening arthritis and complications arising from his blindness and deafness. His current neurological impairment is also a pressing concern that can’t be overlooked.

Just this week, Pierogi had to undergo a series of diagnostic tests and is scheduled to receive a CT scan tomorrow morning at the renowned Animal Medical Center in New York. Despite his ailments, Pierogi remains a vital and much-loved member of his Fluffle.

His bunny companion, Homer, and his Aussiedor brother, Blu, dote on him endlessly. Both Homer and Blu provide invaluable support in helping Pierogi navigate the world despite his blind and deaf handicaps. Pierogi was rescued from a dire situation where he was going to be abandoned to fend for himself in the city. In stark contrast, he now spends his days basking in the love of his family, sharing his zest for life through cuddles, playtime, and his charming flops.

Pierogi has an affinity for fresh romaine and oat hay, which he enjoys sharing with his bonded mate. This is typically followed by a round of cuddles and a much-needed nap. His gentle and loving nature has won over everyone he encounters, including nieces, nephews, and friends. Pierogi’s resilience and spirit serve as a beacon of hope and joy in our lives. ❤️

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