Boe Boe 

Kari McNeil

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Assistance for Boe Boe’s Prolonged Hospital Stay

My sweet bunny, affectionately named Boe Boe, has been battling serious health issues recently. In just the span of the past month, he has unfortunately fallen into a condition known as GI stasis not once, but twice. Currently, he is under the diligent care of professionals at the hospital where he seems to be on a slow yet promising path to recovery.

Boe Boe hasn’t always been a part of my life. I adopted him not too long ago after he had experienced a series of less-than-ideal homes. However, despite his saddened past, Boe Boe has shown a remarkable resilience and adaptability. From the very shy and tentative bunny he was initially, he has blossomed into a pet who relishes affection and has a distinct penchant for ‘zoomies’— his energetic little sprints—every morning before breakfast.

The mounting costs of Boe Boe’s stay at the vet, the required X-rays, and the prescribed medications have, to date, amounted to approximately $3000. This unexpected expense has placed a considerable financial strain on me. As someone who doesn’t earn a substantial income and is also grappling with student loans, this situation poses a significant challenge.

Any assistance that you can extend to Boe Boe and I during this testing time would be deeply appreciated. We are already so touched and humbled by the support and well wishes that have been pouring in. It is heartening to know we are not alone.

Boe Boe means the world to me. After the loss of my previous rabbit, his arrival in my life has been a source of immense healing and comfort. Boe Boe, with his unique personality and endearing quirks, is truly special. He deserves the chance to live a long, happy life. Any help that you can provide to ensure this would mean more than words can express.


Donations: $350
Goal: $3,000