Michelle Gomez

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Help Robbie Hop to Health: Heart Disease & Tumor

We are currently conducting a fundraising campaign for our dear rabbit, Robbie, who is unfortunately suffering from various health conditions. These include a serious heart disease, a testicular tumor, and potential arthritis. Robbie’s situation is quite dire, and the extensive medical expenses required for his treatment are beyond our current financial capabilities.

Robbie is not just a rabbit to us, but a beloved member of our family. The thought of giving up on him is heart-wrenching, which is why we are reaching out to the public with a plea for assistance. We are desperately seeking help in covering his medical costs. Any contribution, no matter how small, towards his treatment would be immensely appreciated. Each donation would provide Robbie with a chance at a healthier and happier life, which he truly deserves.

We want to express our utmost gratitude in advance to anyone who considers our plea. Your help is not only financial but emotional, as it gives us hope and helps us believe that we can make a difference in Robbie’s life.

Robbie is more than just a pet to me. He is my fur baby, my companion, my rock. He has been a part of my life for the past seven beautiful years. During this time, he has been there for me during every significant milestone. From my college years to the time when I started my own family, Robbie has been a constant source of comfort and unconditional love. He is an irreplaceable part of my daily life.

Now, as a mother, I have seen Robbie become a beloved friend to my two-year-old twins. His presence in our household brings so much joy and laughter. Seeing the bond that my children have formed with him only reinforces the importance of his well-being to our family.

Robbie has given us so much love and emotional support over the years. I strongly believe that it is my responsibility to reciprocate that care and do everything in my power to ensure his health and happiness. I am deeply committed to doing whatever it takes to help Robbie hop back to health.


Donated $500
Goal $3,000