Angel Hair

Diana Faieta

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Be Our Beloved Angel’s Guardian!

Greetings, my name is Daniel, and I am reaching out to you on behalf of my loving girlfriend Diana and our beautiful baby girl, Angel. Diana and I have been together for over 5 years and have weathered many challenges together, but the current hurdle we face is a particularly daunting one. Angel, our treasured pet, needs your help.

On the chilly winter day of 12/23, we noticed that a bump that Angel had on her back had ruptured. This unexpected event led us to rush her to the vet where she underwent surgery to have the bump removed and tested. We have been diligently following up on her post-surgery care, which includes administering medication and applying topical ointments, but the financial burden is growing.

Let me tell you a bit more about Angel. We rescued her from a dreadful hoarding situation where over a hundred animals were living in abysmal conditions. Angel, in particular, had been confined to a cage for the entirety of her life. We already had one rabbit at home, whom we were financially supporting, but our hearts broke for Angel’s situation. We knew in that moment that we couldn’t leave her behind, she deserved a better life, and so we welcomed her into our family.

Since then, we have managed to provide Angel with routine check-ups and basic veterinary care. However, the financial hardships of the season, compounded by the unexpected medical expense, have us stretched thin. We are finding it difficult to bear the cost of Angel’s recent surgery and subsequent care.

Angel has already been through so much in her life, and we are determined to give her a future that is as bright as her spirit. As a cherished member of our family, we wish we could do more for her and it pains us that we are unable to make further sacrifices for her well-being at this juncture.

In light of this, we humbly ask for your help. We are currently fundraising to cover Angel’s medical expenses and would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Please help us ensure that Angel gets the care she so desperately needs. Despite her difficult past, we want to provide her with the best possible future. Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion.


Donations: $145
Goal: $900