Vanessa Carter Fahnestock

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Help for Hops’ Dental Complications

Hello, and thank you for considering supporting us and our cherished bunny, Hops.

The past five months have been tough for us—physically, emotionally, and financially. We’ve grappled with one health issue after another. Despite having rabbit health insurance, its aid has been minimal. Both Hops and Barley were unable to eat independently and required daily medication. The costs have far exceeded what we initially anticipated spending on them. And after months of struggle, we had to say goodbye to Hops’ sweet brother, Barley, in mid-June. We are heartbroken and now trying to grieve and take care of Hops.

In April, Hops suffered a tooth extraction complication, which led to a severe jaw and sinus infection. We are currently holding off on surgery – in part, because of the cost. But we are also waiting for her to heal up from a cut in her mouth and swelling of her tongue – both of which have caused her pain and meant we have had to syringe fed her for two months, now.

The financial burden has been significant for both buns – and now for just Hops. There have been so many vet visits, medications, diagnostic exams, and emergency care over the past five months – which we have mostly shouldered ourselves. But more will be needed, including another CT Scan to see how Hops is progressing. A CT Scan at her vet costs $1000 and the surgery would cost at least as much. I have already self-funded at least four surgeries in Hops and Barley’s lifetimes. There are also considerable prescription costs that we are now accruing monthly.

Our bunnies mean the world to us. We have already lost sweet Barley and it’s heart-wrenching to weigh costs against care for our remining bun, Hops. Receiving financial assistance from donors would be a great relief to us.

Thank you for considering supporting us! We appreciate you taking the time to read this.



Donations: $101
Goal: $9,500