Olivia Davis

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Eggo needs your help! Donate today to lend a paw to one incredibly sweet bun!

Hello to all animal lovers out there! My name is Olivia, and I am the proud and loving bun mom to an adorable and sweet little boy named Eggo. Eggo just celebrated his 6th birthday, and he’s been a beacon of joy and love in our lives. Eggo is more than just a pet, he is a beloved member of our family, a banana treat enthusiast, an Olympic-level binkier, and a wonderfully caring older brother to his little sibling Ozzy. He’s been my faithful companion, my confidante, and my source of happiness over the past 6 years and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have such a sweet soul in my life.

However, as many pet owners know, our furry friends often encounter various health issues as they age. Our darling Eggo, sadly, has not been an exception to this rule. In the past 10 months alone, we’ve had to help Eggo navigate through some challenging health issues, including a terrifying bout with bloat, two urgent hospitalizations, and a serious episode of GI Stasis. We also had to face the heartbreaking loss of Eggo’s sibling on New Year’s Day, and since then, we’ve been doing everything within our power to keep Eggo healthy, strong, and happy.

Unfortunately, these numerous vet visits, treatments, and hospitalizations have led to significant veterinary bills. With my current unemployment due to the ongoing WGA/SAG strike in Los Angeles, we are in the midst of serious financial strain. The costs related to Eggo’s treatments have accumulated to well over $4000, a debt that we are struggling to manage.

This is why we’re reaching out to you, the kind-hearted community of animal lovers, for your help. Please consider supporting our campaign to relieve some of the debts that we have incurred for Eggo’s treatments. Remember, no donation is too small, and ANY AMOUNT truly helps us in our time of need.

Eggo is deserving of a long, happy, and healthy life, and your support can help us provide that for him. Eggo came into my life during a particularly challenging time 6 years ago, and we have been inseparable ever since. His presence has enriched my life in countless ways, and he’s provided comfort and companionship through my struggles with depression and loss. He’s also taught me invaluable lessons about caring for others and for myself; my journey with him has been a learning experience about patience, gentleness, and love.

Eggo is an incredibly clever, energetic, and humorous little guy who loves being petted and chasing my feet in the mornings. He has a sweet personality that could melt anyone’s heart, and will happily sit for hours receiving pets, as long as I’m willing to provide them. There’s never been another bunny like him and I feel profoundly blessed that I am able to provide him a safe, comfortable, and loving home. Your support will not only help Eggo, but it will also help us continue to give him the life and care he so greatly deserves.


Donations: $300
Goal: $4,000