Rebeccalynn Bishop

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Urgent Assistance Required for HoneyBun

HoneyBun, my beloved pet, is currently facing a health crisis and desperately needs assistance. She requires immediate medical attention, including a spay and several other essential services. The latest reports from her tests are concerning; they indicate a need for a recheck of her complete blood count (CBC) in the next 7-10 days due to a progression of blood loss caused by mild degenerative anemia. Alarmingly, the email I received yesterday from her veterinarian suggested that she may be experiencing a hemorrhage.

I am wholeheartedly committed to doing everything within my power to cover the steep costs of her treatment, which are presently estimated to be around $3,400, although this may increase depending on her needs. Therefore, I’ve set the fundraising goal at $4,000. Unfortunately, her recent medical visits have already cost thousands of dollars, depleting any extra savings and impacting my current income. This has led to late payments on my regular bills, which I am still trying to catch up on.

To manage these costs, I’ve taken several measures: donating plasma, taking on extra shifts at work, and selling personal items, including some of my artwork. However, these efforts are still not sufficient to cover the costs of her medical care. HoneyBun is more than just a pet; she’s my best friend, my companion, and a source of comfort and love. The thought of delaying her much-needed surgery any further is unbearable.

I was initially hesitant about trusting other veterinarians in my area until I fortunately found Dr. Tyson. However, I now find myself in a position where I may not be able to provide HoneyBun with the care she urgently needs, and this is a reality I cannot accept.

Words are not enough to express the profound gratitude and love I have for HoneyBun, especially in light of my struggles with severe anxiety. Her mere presence has always been a calming influence, making each day a little more manageable. HoneyBun is loving, playful, opinionated, strong, and impressively resilient. She has helped me learn patience, showed me the meaning of unconditional love in moments when I doubted my own worth, and continues to be a source of joy and companionship.

Despite her ongoing health issues, she remains playful, spirited, and food-loving. I am determined to work as hard as I can to continue providing the care she deserves and needs. My goal is to alleviate her pain, improve her health, and reduce her dependence on medication. I am hopeful that with your help, we can ensure HoneyBun gets back on a healthy trajectory and continues to live her life as fully and comfortably as possible.


Donated $2,010
Goal $4,000