Dwarfie Jr

Wendy Azpeitia

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Dwarfie Jr’s Dental Health Awareness

Hi, I’m Wendy, and I’m here to tell you a little about my beloved pet, Dwarfie Jr., affectionately known as DJ. DJ is a charming little Holland Lop rabbit who has become an integral part of my life. Recently, we faced a bit of a medical scare when DJ repeatedly developed abscesses that left us worried and puzzled. We had initially consulted a vet, but the cause of the abscesses remained a mystery, leading to a referral to Dr. Silpa.

Dr. Silpa, with her expertise and experience, promptly identified the root cause of DJ’s problems. She diagnosed him with advanced dental disease, a condition requiring substantial care. His treatment involves the extraction of three of his teeth and a portion of his jaw bone, followed by a period of long-term care to ensure his full recovery.

DJ, to me, isn’t just a pet rabbit. He is a tiny bundle of joy, a character who never fails to brighten up my days with his endearing antics. His playful personality, his amusing habit of lounging by his fan, and the adorable way he enjoys baths from his feline friend never fail to elicit a smile from me. I often joke that DJ thinks he’s a cat, given how well he gets along with his feline companion!

However, seeing him in his current condition, suffering due to the dental disease, breaks my heart. I deeply wish that we had found Dr. Silpa sooner, that we could have prevented DJ’s condition from progressing this far. I urge all rabbit owners to ensure they have a vet who specializes in rabbits. As I’m learning through this ordeal, maintaining their dental health is of utmost importance.

I am hopeful that with your support, we’ll be able to bring DJ back to his cheerful, hoppy self. He is a ray of sunshine in our lives, and he deserves to be healthy and happy. I appreciate your support in this difficult time. Thank you.


Donations: $105
Goal: $4,000