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Here is our growing list of partners who share our commitment to the health and quality of the life of the rabbits everywhere. Join our growing community to connect you to the best rabbit companies that have joined us in the mission to make a difference in the rabbit world. Free Members receive Rabbit Savior discounts and special offers.

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These partners service the United States, although some are located elsewhere.


  RabbitingOn MAGAZINE

RabbitingOn is the magazine of the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund, one of the leading rabbit organizations, and is based in the UK.

Flicking through it’s pages you will find cutting-edge information from our highly qualified experts on rabbit health, medicine, nutrition and behaviour, all the latest news of RWAF activities, the latest bunny goodies for sale, readers’ letters, articles that will make you laugh and cry, and pages of pictures of the most beautiful, and yet underestimated, animal in the world.

Most of our members think that RabbitingOn, our quarterly magazine, is worth the membership fee on its own!




Energetic frequency therapy based upon Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine. Holistic, non-invasive, painless, soothing frequency therapy to balance and promote self healing in the body. Physical and psychological relief.
   Offering Holistic Veterinarian Services
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Rabbit Hole Hay specializes in selling farm fresh premier quality hay, bedding, and other foods for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas online. The premier hay we sell is grown in one of the finest hay regions in the world – our own backyard, which just happens to be based in the mountain valleys of Northern California and South Oregon. The fertile soil combined with long, cool summer days and nights provide the ideal conditions for high quality, nutritious premium hay for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. 

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We are Aumbelle, specializing in clothing and accessories including bunny themed merch! Please read our success story under the link “Val & Tino”

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We created a Rabbit Savior Trust Fund and will donate an extra 10% of every order to be used directly towards emergency vet visits to help bun parents. Send us an email if you’d like to donate directly to the fund or get involved.

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Best4bunny is a friendly, fun and informative magazine for all the bunny community to enjoy. A magazine to educate, entertain and inspire bunny parents old & new. Full of heartwarming reader stories. Stories from wonderful rabbit rescues around the world. Fresh ideas, tips & tricks to keep our bunnies happy & healthy. Meet new Instagram and Facebook bunny friends. Bunny product giveaways, competitions and reviews and lots more.

Best4bunny is written by bunny parents who totally understand what it means to be a bunny mum or dad and how much our bunnies mean to us. Published quarterly and ships worldwide. Available in print and digital format.

Available to buy from our website –

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 Binky Bake Shop (BBS)

Say goodbye to fillers, sugars and additives! At Binky Bake Shop we believe that the happiest buns are also the healthiest buns – leading us to make small batch treats and all-natural toys! We offer handmade rabbit treats, toys and accessories


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Knotty Or Nice Pyrography and Handicrafts

Knotty or Nice Custom Pyrography and Handicrafts is located in Woodstock Ontario. Established in 2017, Knotty or Nice is owned and operated by Artist Jennifer Sauder, who specializes in wood burning portraits and various wood crafting projects.

All portraits are done freehand using texture specific pens that rely on temperature controlled heat application in order to carefully create burn tones that closely resemble the likeness of an animal, object or landscape.

The Art of Pyrography is not only unique and decorative, but also admired by those who appreciate the beautiful wood grains and textures which enhance the life-like portraits the Artist strives to create.

20% of proceeds for all orders through Rabbit Savior are donated to Fund My Bun

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“As a lifelong rabbit mom, I was frequently disappointed by conventional treat products in pet stores. As a chef, I took it upon myself to create safer treats for rabbits with quality ingredients.  Our rabbit treats are made of 2-3 ingredients and are bunny tested and approved!”

Now you can treat your bunny while helping bunnies in need! We donate over 50% of profits of our rabbit treats to NJ Rabbit Rescues.
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 Litter Buns

LitterBuns litter bins are custom designed with your bun in mind.  Created specifically for buns, they are great for singles and perfect for bonded pairs.  

As a fellow bun parent, I can relate to the work that is involved in caring for a bun, so LitterBuns was designed to help make this job easier. The LitterBuns bin is a hand created product made with a love for bunnies and a desire to improve their environment and quality of life.

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We make bunny safe bedding and pads, giving bun moms and dads the opportunity to choose from over 100 prints to fit their decor. We also make practical cute gifts for hoomins to use 🙂

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Hi, My name is Caitlin and I am the proud owner of The Green Bunny Store – an online store where you can find toys and treats, even accessories, all handmade by me. I specialize in making toys and treats that have purpose; toys for bunnies who don’t seem interest in other toys, healthier versions of snacks and edible things with an understanding of consider portion control and limiting sugar when possible.

I also offer rabbit nail clipping services, bonding help and house-calls, and in-house bun sitting. And plenty more to come!  5 years later and The Green Bunny Store is constantly growing and evolving.
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Turtle and Tofu are two cage free house rabbits who have forever been spoilt with a little bit of luxury – we wanted to bring this luxury to every Bun and that’s how Bunnies That Lunch was born.

Every box is approved by Bunnies and made with love.

Each month your Bunny or Guinea will receive a carefully selected package bursting with toys and healthy treats delivered straight to your door.

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     It all started with the adoption of a lionhead rabbit named Little Bunnita, changing her “hoomin’s” world forever. With so much love and care for the bunny community, we bring to you Lil’ Bun’s Boutique: a brand dedicated to providing tasteful bunny-themed gifts, apparel, and home décor JUST for bunny owners around the world. 

     To spread our passion for bunnies, we help you indulge in your love for your bunnies while giving back to the rabbit community, by donating a portion of every sale to non-profit rabbit-loving organizations. 

      It’s about time we have a place to shop for unique items to express our love for our special, hoppy fur babies!

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We are a small family-owned company that provides farm fresh essentials for your small pet. Each product is handpicked by our family with love and care and we ship directly to your furry friends from the fields to your door. We believe when it comes to pets, quality should never be compromised. To ensure that both you and your pet are the #1 priority, we offer our Picky Pet Promise —100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No hassle. No questions. No problem!

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Confused about proper rabbit care? Are you thinking about adopting a bunny, or has one decided to show up on your doorstep? Perhaps you’ve been a bunny owner for several years and your bunny is getting older or developing health issues. Perhaps you need some help grooming, or you desperately need help bonding that second (or third or fourth) bunny. Maybe you are providing hospice care, and you want to know how to keep your bunny as comfortable as possible. The Educated Rabbit is a comprehensive, informational resource to help guide you through all stages of ownership!

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Bun chia burrow: Bunny Care & Behaviors

As bunny parents, finding research-based information about rabbit behaviors, health and welfare has been difficult. At the Bun Chia Burrow, we offer professional bonding and consult, quality boarding care, and mobile grooming services. With our behavioralist background, we hope to help parents navigate bunny ownership in the best way they possibly can.

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Full-spectrum CBD may benefit pets of many varieties, and rabbits are no different. At Oil Well’s Fine Cannabis Products, our business began when our founder discovered the benefits of full-spectrum CBD for his dog, Bentley, and wanting to make sure high-quality full-spectrum CBD was available and affordable for all pet owners, Oil Well was born. Pets are part of the family, and many people are turning to CBD for rabbits as well as the other four-legged members of their household.

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Tiny Paws Emporium is an online store located in Ontario, Canada. Offering enrichment for your rabbit and only the best food and treats.  All toys are handmade, 100% natural and safe.  Toys are dyed using organic fruit juices instead of chemical dyes. They are preapproved and “tested” by our very own rescue rabbits.
Jen, the shop owner is also the founder of Tiny Paws Rabbit Rescue, founded in 2014.  A portion of sales are donated back to the rescue.
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1 Bunny Bunch Boutique

Bunny Bunch Bountique is an online and in-person store located in Montclair and Fountain Valley, California. They offer hay, pellets, treats, toys and anything else you need for your rabbit.
Bunny Bunch Boutique is owned by Caroline from Bunny Bunch Rescue.
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We are Kait & Jess, creators of Bunny FunBox, a monthly subscription box for bunnies and bunny moms. Each themed box includes bunny treats, bunny toys, and gifts for bunny moms. Our boxes include Oxbow toys and treats, as well as all natural treats we bake ourselves. We also have an online shop where we offer one time gift boxes, and the full line of Oxbow Enriched Life Toys, along with stickers, shirts, and bunny gifts we design ourselves. Like Rabbit Savior, Bunny FunBox is committed to improving the lives of bunnies. We do this by researching and providing only the best enrichment toys, and healthy treats to our customers, and also by donating a portion of our proceeds to bunnies in need. We would like to partner with Rabbit Savior because we know we can achieve more by working together.
Visit our shop here:
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Sun God Herbals was formed in 2014, with a mission to blend and extract quality healing herbs from Southern Oregon. All of our products are formulated with the health of the end user in mind, from artisan herbal teas and soothing topicals to our award-winning tinctures, the product line aims to help people (and their pets) find the right herbs, for the right reasons! We are committed to producing the highest quality products with environmentally friendly packaging and responsible manufacturing.

Sun God Herbals’ CBD Pet Oils are specially formulated with whole hemp flower and pet-safe supporting herbs to meet the specific body needs of your customer’s pets in easy to understand color coded labels. With three different herbal formulations to address each animal’s specific needs, customers can help their furry friends with:

Aja for Body Comfort – with medicinal herbs for older animals with arthritis, achy joints and hip pains associated with aging.
Heka for Worry & Fear -with medicinal herbs to help relieve fear and anxiety due to separation, travel or thunder.
Hercules for Muscle Ease – with medicinal herbs animals with minor muscle aches and pains.

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I believe every-bunny and bun-parent should have access to natural options, especially when they can’t afford it! Some people foster care, emergency adopt, or simply have a hard time fall on them. I believe there should be options available to supply donations to those in need! Natural organic foraged herbs, and enrichment toys will be sold at reasonable prices (I barely want to make money off this) there will also be a Free Care-Package program available, where customers just pay shipping.
Visit our shop here: Every Bunny Shop
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This custom-made cardboard playhouse is a hit with rabbits and cats alike!
  • Three levels (the floors for the two upper levels are made with double-wall cardboard for extra strength)
  • Ramps between levels for easy jumping access
  • Several doors and windows at each level — great for running through and peeking out
  • Cutouts and graphics give it the look of a quaint cottage, which will look nice in any living room
  • Blank name sign above one of the doors to write your pet’s name (in non-toxic ink)
  • The front has a large opening at the bottom, and paned windows which swing open on the second level. If your rabbit or cat prefers to jump in and out from the window, it is perforated for easy removal. On the left side shown is a paned swinging door. Again, this can be easily removed, depending on your pet’s preferences
  • Made of chew-safe cardboard and printed with soy-based ink

Cats & Rabbits & More supports the efforts of rescue groups and shelters through this website. Sales of products through the website help us to cover our expenses, and we are happy to make annual donations to animal rescue groups.

Visit our shop here: Cats & Rabbits & More


We sell bunny clothing, accessories, home decor, and custom pet art. We made this shop because we wanted to create things that bunny lovers, and others, can enjoy and relate to. Our free roaming, litter box trained bunnies are our inspiration. We encourage free roaming rabbits in a safe area or in an extra large pen, and we want to help break the stigma of keeping rabbits in tiny cages and spread awareness of their intelligence. We realize everyone learns new things on their journey of being a bunny parent and respect when people are doing the best they can for their bunny ❤


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