For the use of Fund My Bun, there is a $50 service fee

You pay the $50 after your campaign ends. Donations have a 4.9% processing fee, this includes .30 cents for each credit card transaction and page creation. Campaigns are free to our Complete Care™ Members (See our Memberships page)

All donations are tax deductible to the donors and campaigners

If you launch a campaign, you will automatically become a Rabbit Savior™ Free Member and receive discount and special offer emails.

Please have 3 recent photos of you bunny and photos/PDF files of your vet bills or estimates ready to upload before filling out the application

STEP 1: Fill out the application below and click ‘submit’

STEP 2: We will review your application and create your donation page

STEP 3: Donors will pay money to your campaign

STEP 4: We will pay your vet bills with the donated funds and subtract the $50 fee


1. All campaign funding goals must be backed by invoices or receipts for veterinarian services, prescriptions, or legitimate health services for your rabbit. Formal quotes from a vet or rabbit health professional can also be used, but will not be paid until there is a verifiable receipt or invoice.

2. Goal amounts cannot include bills that have been, or will be paid by insurance or Bun Bill™ Assistance. All invoices and receipts will be confirmed before they are paid out.

3. Total amount for the campaign goal must be $1,000 or more (with the receipts, invoices, or estimates to back up that amount).

4. All invoices and bills will be confirmed with the vet or company before funds are paid out. If a bill or invoice cannot be verified, the funds will go back to the person/persons who made donations.

5. Each campaign must include a short 1-2 paragraph summary of the situation, 3 photos of your rabbit or other things relative to the situation, and PDFs, images, or photos of the invoices, bills, or formal estimates that make up the campaigns goal for funding.